Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Helpful Websites for Personal Injury Litigation in New York

The New York Trial Lawyers Institute provided a helpful list of websites that are useful for plaintiff's personal injury litigation:

Isonet is a fee based service that provides background information regarding your client. For example, you can ascertain whether they have been involved in any prior lawsuits, the insurance carrier involved and more.

New York City Housing Preservation and Development provides a wealth of information on owners of buildings, violations and tenant complaints.

New York City Department Buildings website provides a veritable cornucopia of information regarding various types of complaints in New York City Buildings. This site is helpful for lead paint violations.

Public Data Corporation provides a database for New York City Real Estate Records. Here, if you or your client tripped on the a sidewalk, you can find out who is responsible for the sidewalk.

Wherever repair work is being conducted throughout the City of New York, chances are that the City hired an outside contractor. The Department of Design and Construction lists work being repaired by the City of the New York.