Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ford lawyer apologized to jurors regarding SUV rollover

On June 4, a California jury awarded $369 million dollars to a women who was paralyzed when her Ford Explorer SUV rolled over after she swerved in attempt to avoid a metal object. Obviously, Ford is appealing the verdict. See my June 3 post regarding this case. Contact my law office if you have been involved in a similar accident.

UPI reports today that Ford's attorney in the matter, Anthony Sonnett, basically apologized to the jury stating: "It's impossible not to be angry at Ford Motor Co. for what decisions that in marketing and selling this Ford Explorer it knowingly put a defective product out on the market and caused the family tragedy that you see before you now." I agree with University of Detroit Mercy law professor Gary Maveal in his assessment that this comment may be used as an admission in future lawsuits brought against the automaker.