Monday, April 25, 2005

Are blogs overrated as a marketing tool?

Business Week, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal even have been urging everyone to blog. Is the hype regarding blogs as a marketing tool warranted?

I have been posting to my blog for over a year and it is my belief that blogs are overrated as a marketing tool. This blog has received thousands of hits, has an rss feed and has been mentioned in numerous blogs. However, I have never directly received even one inquiry regarding my law practice from this blog.

Nevertheless, this blog does serve a useful purpose. It allows me, the blogger to keep informed with the happenings within my areas of legal practice. Each post requires approximately 30 minutes of research which allows me to keep abreast of the changes in the law. It also demonstrates to potential clients that I am technologically savvy. However, these potential clients are driven to my blog through networking and referrals, not by readers of blogs.

My primary source of referrals is through networking. It is my belief that in an increasing wired world, people still have a need to actually talk and meet with people.